Some time shortly before the turn of the millenium, age 13ish, I picked up a small book with a title I sadly can’t remember that explained how to build a “Web Site”.

I’d first experienced the joys of the World Wide Web only a couple of years earlier and was absolutely sure it was a brilliant thing despite not really having found any use for it myself or really having any understanding of what was actually going on.

I diligently worked through the book, which involved mainly using notepad.exe and Internet Explorer and built my first web site. I hosted it, for free (with adverts) on yahoo geocities which sadly ceased to exist some time ago so it only seemed right to rescue what I could and host it here.

Before I give you the link: I should really warn you it may be worth turning down the volume on your machine before hand…

Looking back at this from 2018 I’m actually not as horrified by it as I initially thought I would be. I mean, yes it showed that I really shouldn’t be allowed to choose colours without supervision and, sure, the only 90s website sterotype thats missing is an under construction GIF or 20. But the layout is a classic one, it’s readable and clear and I was even considerate enough to make two versions of the homepage so you wouldn’t have your ears assaulted after getting to the initial landing page.

Perhaps best of all, because it was designed and built on a screen of a smaller resolution than today’s smartphones, its sort-of mobile-first responsive! The fact the love tester is rigged is a little embarrasing though…

- J